Ainol Novo 9 Firewire (Spark) New firmware 20130201-V1

This version firmware major improvements:
1, to improve the tablet pc Steady state
2, optimize system fluency
3, updated wifi drive
4, replace the camera application
5, touch adjustments now most outer edge of the four sides of

Note: before upgrade

1: If the tablet does not appear abnormal,we do not recommend user to upgrade
2: Backup the audio and video files and apk of the tablet pc before upgrading, the upgrade process will format tablet pc.
3: The first time you start the system interface to the lock screen unlock operation too fast and may not be able to unlock little wait unlock (time is about 10 seconds or so)

You can get the Upgrade method document when you download the firmware from the firmware package 

Ainol Novo 9 Firewire (Spark) New firmware 20130201-V1

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